Plumbing Engineering


The Plumbing Engineer is involved with systems that overlap into the mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering disciplines. The Plumbing Engineer is in a key position to influence the water efficiency, sustainable site, energy, fire protection, and pollution systems of a facility.

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Richard Hernandez

Vice President

Richard has 22 years of civil engineering experience which includes all aspects of engineering projects for both public and private clients. As the Vice President, he is responsible for our Quality Assurance/Quality Control program. He often provides a unique perspective offering innovative solutions to difficult and unusual design issues.

Richard Kimball

Director of Mechanical Engineering

Richard has extensive experience with tenant improvement/office retrofit and administrative office design development. He is accustomed to fast-paced schedules such as those demanded by Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. During his time with IEG he has independently designed mechanical, refrigeration, fire protection, and plumbing systems for a variety of project types.